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Hi Everyone, My name is Grace and I am the official mascot for Team Rodeo Rabbits! That's my picture front and center!  My human is Jan Head and she thinks she is supervising me in this event. We'll let her continue to think that. I came from a shelter with lots of dogs looking for someone to love them. Now I have a really neat home and my people love me just because I'm me. Now I want more humans to feel what it's like to love and trust dogs and cats and horses and bunnies and all sorts of animals. We have lots to teach you and lots of ways to help humans in ways you can't even imagine! 

My team and I are raising money for Harmony Acres Equestrian Center through this event, Hit the Trail for Harmony Acres. Harmony Acres serves over 200 individuals each year through Animal-Assisted Therapies, and is raising funds to add interior handicapped-accessible restrooms for the people they serve. This cause is very important to me, and the Rodeo Rabbits are hitting the trails to inspire you to help Harmony Acres help others. Please donate towards this cause. You can donate now by hitting “Give Now” on the upper right. 

You can give with any major credit card and it only takes 30 seconds. My team will appreciate it so very much.

Harmony acres is doing really great stuff. Check them out at www.harmonyacresec.org

Team Rodeo Rabbits: Susan Wiseman, Brian Wiseman (DVM!), Jan Head, and Grace the dog.

Hello everyone, and thank you for supporting the Rodeo Rabbits! Having a career as a veterinarian gave me the opportunity to witness the importance of the human-animal bond on a daily basis. Animal companions help give our lives meaning. They can provide support both physically and emotionally. A relationship with an animal can be an important part of the healing process for many people. Helping support Harmony Acres can help them continue to provide opportunities for individuals to establish and strengthen the human-animal bond in their lives. 

Brian Wiseman, DVM

Amy Jones $25.00
Craig and Karin Lee Hughes $100.00
LindaJenks $50.00
Anonymous $25.00
Rick & Judy Smith
Thank you for doing this -- and for making it so very easy for us to support your worthy cause!!! You are the paragon of Being a Blessing Unto Others! Rick & Judy Smith
Katie Pearson
Go, Jan! Go, Grace!
Bonnie Rankin
Go team!!!
Anonymous $50.00
Sherry Brandon $40.00
Dallas K Nunnery $50.00
Kawcak Crew
Great job Mom! We’re all proud of you!
Courtney Van Hoven $50.00
Nikki $25.00
Glad to support what you support!
Rodeo Rabbits $755.00
Jan Head $755.00

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