Kilimanjaro: The climb of my life, supporting impoverished sea-dwelling children!

Raising $19,341 for the 19,341 foot mountain!

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Hi Friends and Family, 

On July 19, our mighty team of four will attempt a 7-day climb to the top the highest mountain in Africa, Mt. Kilimanjaro! We'll do this in support of Badjao Bridge, an amazing organization I have personally supported that helps impoverished sea-dwelling children out of dire poverty.

Our team has set an ambitious goal of raising $19,341 (the elevation of Kilimanjaro!) which will enable Badjao Bridge to help 150 more children attend elementary and high school. It will also benefit the Lighthouse Learning Center, complete with a preschool, Kahn Academy study lab and safe house for vulnerable children. 

Your pledge, big or small, will make an incredible impact. Last year 98.6% of their budget went directly toward their programs, with just 1.4% overhead in the U.S.! They know smart money is on removing barriers for children to receive a quality education. Check out their website and Annual Report to see how many things this organization is doing with their resources.  

Team members will cover their expenses, allowing your donation to go entirely towards a great cause!

Badjao Bridge is a 501(c)(3) organization and donations are 100% tax deductible.  

Jenny Sitkin $50.00
Ben Topkins
Have a great climb, Matt! Can't wait to check out the pictures.
Roger Kim $50.00
Allison Zuckerbrow
Buena suerte!
Irene McLoughlin
The best of luck to you Matt☘
Ashley Green
Ron Erskine
Good Luck, Matt.
Morry Angell and Randall Dunn
Cliff and Andrea Eldridge
Safe travels and climb to all of you!
Todd Saunders
A wonderful cause and a great climb! Good luck Matt!
Joshua Curry
Good luck Matt!
Leslie Rothwell
You inspire me!! Have an amazing, unforgettable, safe climb!
Good luck, Matt! Have a great time!
Anne Chalfant
What a terrific thing to do. Have a great climb, Matt!
M. Clare LePell
Have a great climb, Matt!
Mary Ashby
You inspire me!
Bob Leung
Good luck with Kilimanjaro. Let me know if there is any way I can help support your brother's cause in the future.
Lynne Tierney $25.00
Wishing you lots of luck in meeting your goal.
Have a safe and fantastic trip! Enjoy.
Sarah Burke
Go team Johanson!
Anna Khaja $25.00
Raffi and Melissa
Best of luck to you and your brother on this admirable adventure. Raffi and Melissa
Contribution to Badjao Bridge
Hi Matt: Hoping this comes through to you. With best wishes and a great climb! --Bill
Jesse Woodward
Go get 'em Matt and Dan!!!
Laura Kilgour Kidd
Impressive, Matt! Keep up the good work.
P Grenier
Wishing you a successful climb.
Captain David McPhee
Don't forget your communicator pin on this away mission!
Jen Pantaléon
Good luck!!
Gary Howard
Dixie Hall $50.00
Team Kilimanjaro! $5,088.03
Dan Johanson $2,531.03
Matt Johanson $2,557.00

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