In Matthew 25:35 Jesus teaches us when we provide for the least among us, we are actually serving Him. This season, The Pantry and Adopt A Block ministries are coming together to bring the love of Christ to our community. 

Our hope is to be able to bless the families from these ministries with a wonderful Christmas Dinner. For many the thought of coming together around the table during Christmas time is out of the question. As we remember Christ in this season, will you help us show others who He is by donating toward a Christmas feast? 

But that's not all! Over the years our Adopt A Block ministry has formed relationships with a number of families. Many of these families are hurting financially. Christmas is a very stressful and burdensome season. We want to give them a special blessing this year by blessing them with a Christmas tree and decorations. This is a great opportunity for us to share the love of Christ with these families this Christmas.

If you feel lead to give in any way this Christmas season please feel free to donate whatever God has put on your heart to give.

Also, if you wish to bring in a food donation please feel free to drop it off at the church Mon.-Thurs 8:00am-4:30pm, Sat. 4pm-6:30, & Sun. 8am-12:30pm.

Here is a list of the items we need: 

- Turkey or Ham 

- Potatoes 

-Green Beans or Corn 

- Stuffing 

- Cranberry Sauce 

- Apples 

- Yams 

- Gravy 

- Chicken Broth 

- Pancake Mix 

- Bacon 

- Cocoa Mix 

- Dessert (cake mix, pudding, etc.) 

- Gift Card to any local grocery store 

- Gift Card to Walmart for Christmas Trees 

Christmas food boxes will be distributed to the community on Sunday, December 21st, and Christmas trees will be distributed Saturday, December 20th.

Thank you for your donation and prayers toward this cause!

If you would like to be a part of preparing or giving of the food and/or trees, please contact our Local Outreach Coordinator:

Joey Vargas -

for 56 hams
Anonymous $50.00
The Nuckolls Fam $50.00
Anonymous $50.00
Anonymous $500.00
susan Mineo $50.00
MWDFCU $100.00
Sandra Morbitzer $50.00
I hope this helps feed our families in need!
Merry Christmas!
Anonymous $41.00

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