May 6th 2013, I went in for surgery on a mass that my gyno had found on my left ovary.  Although my Dr had warned me that there was a chance that it could be cancerous, in no way did I think that could really be the outcome!  I mean, I was 29 and other then this hiccup, extremely healthy...Cancer just seemed unfathomable.  However, when I was in recovery after the surgery, my parents and boyfriend told me that, I had cancer.  My diagnosis - Stage IIIc Dysgerminoma (germ-cell) Ovarian Cancer.  WOW - Crazy!  I spent the majority of Summer 2013 being treated at the Women & Infants Out-Patient Facility.  I had 3 intense rounds of BEP chemo.  On August 15th, 2013, my Oncologist gave me the good news that I was NED (no evidence of disease).  Awesome news this was!  

Today, 5/6/16, marks 3 years NED!  Feeling healthy and strong but most importantly grateful for what I got out of my 'unplanned journey' of the Summer '13.  Learning how to really enjoy life to the fullest...the quote you will hear often "Live life to the fullest" is not a line, it's the truth.  Live each day you have to the fullest, try to find the good in each day even when you're having a bad day - every day is a gift and it's not guaranteed.  Enjoy it!  

Since the beginning of this 'unplanned journey', I've met many people who have made an impact in my life from my surgeons, my oncologist, my chemo nurse, to fellow survivors, some of whom I've created great friendships with.  My family, boyfriend, friends and friends of friends who I didn't know I had behind me were all there and made their presence known, in a BIG way!  It was inspiring and motivating.  

Ovarian Cancer is a silent disease that can affect anyone -- your mother, your girl friend, your daughter, your best friend...We need to raise awareness for this disease!  I have created a team and will be walking in the walk in September that is hosted by the Rhode Island Ovarian Cancer Alliance.  This purpose of this walk is to help raise awareness.  All of the event's proceeds will help fund Ovarian Cancer education and provide support services to Survivors & their families.  

Please consider donating!  

Although my goal to reach is $1000, anything helps whether it be $5 or $50!  

If you would like to join my team and participate in the walk, I'd be honored to walk with you!  The walk will take place Sunday, September 18, 2016 at Roger Williams Park in Providence, it starts at the Temple of Music.  

All activities open at 8:00am/Open cermonies at 9:30am/Survivor Photo at 9:55am/Walk starts at 10am.  

Jane Pichette
Great job Miranda!
Anne Cravenho $25.00
Steven and Patricia Souza $25.00
Amy Wallace $30.00
Family! $60.00
Lisa & Brett $50.00
Jeff Gauvin
Sorry I can't make the run today or make a larger donation!
Laura Marchant
You got this dude !!!
Johanna $50.00
Samantha Fiore $10.00
Kelly, John & "Crazypants" O'Rourke $50.00
Rebecca Breslin $50.00
Mom & Dad
Love you! So proud of you! Mandi Strong!
Mom & Dad
You've come a long way kiddo! So proud of you!

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