Robinson Family Viaje de la Esperanza

The Robinson Family is heading out to serve, love, and grow together again! This time we are heading to the small village of Juluchuca, MX on a 'journey of hope'. Preview

During the summer of 2013, Dana and Ron Robinson journeyed to Kenya as part of Team Next Generation Yoga for Africa Yoga Project. Their experience as AYP Ambassadors was life changing and beyond words. The beautiful smiles, the amazing sense of community, the gratitude for what little the people in the informal settlements had! They then returned during the summer of 2014 with their family (including their three children-ages 10, 7, and 5 at the time) to learn, serve, connect, and love together. They hosted the Family Seva Safari with Africa Yoga Project that summer, serving at Flying Kites orphanage along with 5 other families from North America. During both of these trips, Dana brought the fun and benefits of Kids’ Yoga to the communities and Ron opened small, temporary Chiropractic Clinics bringing health and connection to hundreds of children and adults there.

Dana and Ron think it is so important for children and families to get a chance to serve step out of their comfort zone and CONNECT with those in other cultures, with different needs--REAL needs.

This year the Robinson Family will be venturing out together again over Thanksgiving 2016. They will be flying to Juluchuca, MX to serve, learn, and love together once again. They have paired up with the amazing staff of Playa Viva to bring hope to this small village and the families there. To donate to their service trip—helping to bring the fun and connection of Kids’ Yoga and Family Chiropractic, as well as repainting and repairing their local clinic—please click here.

We appreciate any and all donations!  Thank you for spreading hope across the world!!

Sue Steiger
It's not much, but I hope it buys a can or two of paint. Thank you and your family for doing what you do! The Steiger family
Oliver Ebel
Save those sea turtles Tymen!
Emil and Nada Cindric
Have a safe trip!
Safe travels!
Sara Jirasek
What an amazing adventure! Safe travels!!
Larry & Kris Callihan
Hope you have a great trip!!!
Sadey & Adam
So excited for you guys to go! Such an inspiration!
Tony and Kristina Ebel $100.00
Laura Schultz
You and family are awesome! Thank you for all you do for our Crystal Lake community and for our global community!
Bonnie Vozar
spreading love... xo
Diana Meinders $100.00

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