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Kaitlin Slepian and Lauren Kettell are two teenagers from Chaparral High School who have been diagnosed with cancer and are being treated at Phoenix Children's Hospital. Kaitlin was diagnosed in November with a poorly-differentiated Chordoma and has undergone two major spinal surgeries and 3 rounds of chemo to date. Lauren has Stage 4 Ewing's Sarcoma and has gone through 6 rounds of chemo and one surgery to remove the major tumor in her right leg.

This event partners with Grand Canyon University Foundation to raise money for Phoenix Children's Hospital and Children's Cancer Network as part of Run to Fight Children's Cancer 2017 

With the amazing support the hospital has given both Lauren and Kaitlin, they are looking to give back by walking and raising money for the cause. 

Please help us in supporting them!

Mark, Laurie, Lauren, Haley, and Olivia Slepian
Love you KK!!
Anonymous $135.00
Gregory Hrncir
Thoughts and prayers to Kaitlin and the Slepian family.
The Greer Family
We love you KK and know with your positive energy that you can beat this! Love, Jeanne, Briand, Grant & Anna
Crosby Family- sending love!
Kaitlin- you are a DOLL!!!!!! That fire! That spunk! You are admirable and we love you! "-)
Emma Thorell
Thinking of you!!
Jay Mandlowitz
Aunt Lil and myself have you in our thoughts and prayers. If you make it down to New York, we hope we can meet. With all our love and support. I forgot also my daughter Ashley is included
Carson and Megan Miller
Sorry we can't be there with you today. Keep up the fight! We are praying for you both daily. xo
Asmus Family
We love you!!!! You are such an inspiration to us all. XO
Sandy Ezersky and Robin Zvi
Keeping you and your family in our thoughts and prayers.
Gabi & Diana Sarussi
Go Kaitlin! So happy to support you and such a good cause. You inspire us with your positive attitude and beautiful smile!
Laura, Ellie and Abbie Schlueter
We ❤️️ You!
Kristi Pfeilsticker
You are a beautiful, amazing young woman and an inspiration to all of us!!
Pam and Gary Fitzgerald
What a brave, extraordinary and beautiful girl you are!! We are showering the heavens with prayers and holding all good thoughts for you. Cheering you on, sweet Kaitlyn. With Much Love, Pam Fitzgerald (Marlo's mom) xoxoxo
The Roady Family
We wish we could be there to walk with you. Your grace and courage is such an inspiration to all of us. We love you! xoxo The Roady family
Hall family
Kaitlin you are in our daily prayers.
Tim Hicks, Izabella Hicks, Morgan Hicks
God bless you and keep up the fight
Maggie Argue
You are a strong and beautiful young woman Kaitlin. You inspire us all....We'll see you at the walk on Saturday!
Laja Thompson & Family
So proud of you KK! Wish we could be there walking with you. We will be thinking about you. Hope you reach your goal!
Ellery Wolf $20.00
Jeffrey and Jennifer Siegel
So proud of you! Very honored to be your doctor!
Love you! Beenie power!
Hal & Kellie Walker $250.00
Carlson family
You got this Kaitlin and Lauren! Stay strong and carry on your march!
Susan Walter
The Turell Family
Standing behind you all the way!!
Susan and Ennis Dale
We love you Kaitlin and Lauren! Keep up the good fight!!
The Cagles
You are awes inspiring!
Sandra Laeser (friend of Teri Berget) $100.00
Sharon Guttell
Love to you and your family.
Deana Aller
You're such an inspiration, Kaitlin! My prayers are with you and Lauren.
lorraine slepian
With all my love, Kaitlin
Terry Kaven
Stay strong and continue to fight, Kaitlin. We love you!!
The Sender Family
Kaitlin, Always thinking about you. Sending love and healing prayers. xo Sheri, Shane, Taylor and Jordyn Sender
Charlie Miller
Way to go, Kaitlin!
Smith Family
Continued prayers for strength and healing.
Ralph & Allison Slepian
We love you!
Matney Family
You are such an incredible example of strength and beauty. Thank you for showing your friends the meaning of grace.
Bourgeois Family
Hi Kaitlin, you don't know me, but I graduated from Chaparral High School with your dad. Sorry to miss out in person on the walk, but wanted you to know there is someone out there praying for you! Stay strong! Jennifer Gunness Bourgeois
Kaitlin, you've not met us, but we have known your parents a long time, following your story has been very inspiring to us and a lot of other people, keep pushing and keep the faith! We will continue to pray for you.
The Naumer Family
Kaitlin - Kind heart; champion of faith & courage! You are navigating life's moguls so gracefully. Love that your legs and beautiful spirit keep walking - no matter what! You're wrapped in love and prayers every day -- To healing! Marlo, Chic, Stella, Claire
The Gilligan Family
We can't make it for the run, but we'll be rooting for you all!! The Gilligan family
Kim Fowler $25.00
Joe and Tracie Wagner
Kaitlin--We will be out of town but are honored to donate. You are amazing and an inspiration to us all. Keep up the fight!!
DeFreeuw Family $200.00
The Skolnick Family
Our thoughts and prayers go out to Kaitlin and Lauren. The Skolnick Family
Hi Kaitlin, We have never met, but I have been following your story and sending you my best wishes. I know your dad and your aunt Raquel from when we were kids. Wanted to say hi and send you my best! Sean
The Templet Family
You are dino strong-Cole Kaitlin-You are amazing! We are proud to support you and look forward to joining you on race day! - The Templets
Dorothy & Hal Lindel
You are such an inspiration!!! Love to you and your entire family.
Libby Conlin
Kaitlin, You are an inspiration and I know you are putting up the "good fight" in this endeavor! Keep up with the amazing outlook and attitude and hopefully soon this will all be behind you. Peace, out!
The Klein Family
you're amazing Kaitlin! Keep up the've got this! xoxo The Klein fam
The Bailey's $50.00
Meyer family
No one person is alone. Everyone will experience a part of this as you do. Thank you for letting me tag along.
Raquel, Dan, Jake & Tyler Clark
We love you Kaitlin!
You are an amazing person and inspire all of us...know that we are here for you...together!!!
Conway Family $100.00
Colton, Kailee, Kerry and John Wilson
Kaitlin, you are an amazing your lady. We will be there to support you, Lauren and everyone else. You are unstoppable! --- Love the Wilson Family
Melanie Bryant
So proud of you Kaitlin! Love ❤️ you so very much.
kimberley wendt
Praying for you both!!
Susie and Brooks harper
Dear Kaitlin, We think of you often and will be doing so especially on March11th. I'll try to time a 5k run to coincide with your walk. With much love... Aunt Susie and Uncle Brooks
Mary Christian
You're the best Kaitlin!! Love You!
Ellyn & Michael Markowitz
Thinking of you and your entire family. Sending lots of love and strength your way!
Ben & Olga Harper
Hi Kaitlin, What a great idea! Even though we are far away in Pennsylvania, please know that you are in our thoughts every day. Love, (Great Uncle) Ben and (Great Aunt) Olga
Friend of Teri Berger
Anonymous $500.00
Kohorn Family (Jacob's Aunt, Uncle & Cousins)
Kaitlin, Sending you positive energy and a virtual hug!
Sara Berger (Jacob's aunt)
Kaitlin, We got your back. You are brave, strong, smart and beautiful. Your future is ahead of you and it is shining brightly..
Wilson Family
What a great idea! You girls are amazing.
Dear Kaitlin, Wishing you a speedy recovery & a bright future. With our best wishes, Batya & Josef Ref
The Honegger Family
Prayers and love!
Shari, Brian, Erika and Steven
You're amazing Kaitlin!!! You are an inspiration to all of us. Love you so much!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
The Ref Family
Sending you lots of strength and positive energy. You are an inspiration to so many and we all love you!!
Andie Hayman
Go Kaitlin- we're all behind you 200% of the way!!
Lohe Kimes family
Dear Kaitlin, you are an amazing young lady and an inspiration! We hope and pray for continued healing for you
Gregg Slepian
Keep fighting Kaitlin! We love you!!
Bryan and Michelle Kort
Sorry we can't make it. Keep fighting!
Shelley (Dimond) Szambelan
Keep fighting, Kaitlin! You've got lots of prayers & good wishes from Washington state. We have excellent skiing here; when you're well, come up with your mom!
Team Checkett
Sending you love and prayers. You are so strong and an inspiration for so many! xoxo
Marcia DeMuro $100.00
The Shakan Warriors
Stronger together!
Stronger Together $11,891.00
Kaitlin Slepian $11,891.00

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