Cove Students South Africa Trip 2018

Our students will become renegades as we go out to the ends of the earth to serve on a mission. We are sending a team to South Africa, where they will interact with local kids and develop their relationships with Christ through serving. Learn More
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1 Chronicles 16:24, “Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous deeds among all people.”

God has presented me with a BIG opportunity. God has placed Africa on my heart for quite sometime now. And every time I’ve tried to go in the past, God would tell me no, now is not the time. I am very excited to announce that God has made a way and summer of 2018 I will be traveling to South Africa with my church on another mission trip. I can’t put into words the excitement. I have such a passion for declaring His glory among all nations. I cannot wait for July! I’m asking that you pray with me on this. If you can donate towards my trip that’d be GREATLY appreciated. I’m attaching the link to my grouprev page where you can donate online! Thank you SO so much for your support no matter how crazy I seem!

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Lakeside Plumbing Inc., Brian & Aimee Taylor
Go spread the word of how much our Lord loves us all unconditionally. You are in our prayers for your safe return.
Anonymous $320.00
Amanda Stewart
Good luck and enjoy the experience!
Rick and Wanda Huffstetler
May God bless and provide all you need!
Cindy Jenkins
Praying for a safe, amazing, life changing experience!
Jamie Wiswall
Jamie enjoy your trip Safe journey ✈️
Carol Castonguay
Have a safe and educational experience as Weill as share your faith.
Praying for you and can’t wait to see what God is about to do through you ❤️
Darren Charles $40.00
Neil Purdue- Airdrilling $200.00
Anonymous $300.00
Have fun Jim
Because $100 even is too mainstream :)
Donald Wiswall $100.00

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