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Help Us Address the Growing Need - 11 New Homes Coming to Saint John's!

Homelessness is on the rise, not only in Sacramento, but nationwide. A June 2019 point-in-time count reported a 19% increase in homelessness over the 2017 count, with up to 5570 homeless on any given night in Sacramento County. 

Thanks to the City of SacramentoHomeAid SacramentoProject Home Key and Roebbelen Construction, eleven new modular homes are coming to the Saint John’s campus to help address this need!

Saint John’s Square, a new transitional housing community at Saint John’s Program, will house up to 55 women and children and will provide residents with a lived experience in running and maintaining a household and help prepare them for independence. Each two-bedroom, one-bath unit will be used as interim shared living for individuals, smaller families, or as single-family home for larger families.

Women and children residing at Saint John’s Square will live in a safe, supportive, nurturing transitional housing community and continue their path to independence. While residing at Saint John’s Square, Saint John’s staff will continue to provide support and proven tools to help families overcome multiple barriers and challenges, improve health and safety, learn to function independently in a more independent self-directed living environment, reintegrate into the workforce, and achieve economic self-sustainability. Mothers will take an active role in their children’s education as families establish a strong daily routine of care and school activities.

Thanks to our amazing community partners listed above, the majority of construction expenses have been accounted for. Additional funding is needed to ensure each of the 11 homes are equipped with washers, dryers, microwaves, furniture and more. In order to provide a campus-like environment designed to encourage a sense of community and enhance outdoor activities for families at Saint John’s Square, funds are also needed for playground equipment and landscaping for the new space.

Please give your most careful consideration to the giving opportunities below. By giving generously today, you will help us bring change and hope to formerly homeless women and children on their path to independence.

  • A gift of $700, will help provide items like a new washer, dryer, sleeper sofa or dining room set.
  • A gift of $300 will help provide items like a new dresser or coffee table.
  • A gift of $150, will help provide items like a full set of cookware, dishes and silverware.
  • A gift of $100 will help provide two new comforter sets, a new nightstand or a new microwave.
  • A gift of $50 will help provide items like coffee pots, bakeware, towel sets
  • A gift of $25 will help provide items like shower curtains and rods, brooms and mops, toasters or glasses.

For naming opportunities for our new Saint John's Square, please click HERE.

Christina P $126.01
On behalf of Barbara Lebrecht
This is a wonderful program!
Robert Purvis $100.00
Patricia & David Schwartz, ABI $2,000.00
Roebbelen $25,000.00
Allstate Foundation $25,000.00
Cassandra Dennis
Thank you for all that you do for our community.
Anonymous $5,000.00
Andy Phillips $300.00
J&L Allen
Keep pushing for positive change!
Tom Sebo & Cheryl Young $250.00
Bertha G. Gorman
Thankful that I can support it this amazing effort.
cindy domasky
Anonymous $100.00
Comforter sets, nightstand, microwave
I am thrilled to see the houses being built for your program.
The SHARE Institute $100.00
Frank & Pam Lanza
Keep up the good work!
Bob and Shirley Rosenberg $250.00
Anonymous $300.00
Anonymous $25.00
Rev. Susan H. Miller
God bless all of you and sustain you in your efforts to reach your goals.
Louis & Margaret DeMott-Feldman $25.00
Barbara Thalacker $100.00
Barbara Ramm
Home/Cottage Naming
Jannealle and Loretta Frank $150.00
Anne Novak $150.00

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