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Hello I'm Nora Hopf,

I will be spending my summer traveling with Missionaries for Life with the Christian Rock tour to spread the message of love through the pro-life movement. I am very passionate about spreading this message and hope that all those I encounter gain a better understanding and clarity of how pro-love and pro-women the pro-life movement truly is. I am also the Students for Life of America, SFLA, Digital Intern and work closely with regional coordinators and other chapters to enhance our reach on campuses in Indiana and around the Midwest.I have served as president of the Ball State Students for Life an affiliate of SFLA, three consecutive terms.

These funds will help me financially on my journey. It cost $200 to fly to Virginia to start my trip initially. The rest of the time we will be driving a van to all the band locations. We will be spending nights tent camping, $254 for camping necessities and will be buying food on at grocery stores, $100 per week for 8 weeks. I will also be doing mini-documentaries on all the people I meet along the way. I will be posting those periodically so you all can be apart of my journey. Since I will be having technology and equipment it is always smart to plan for incidents $500. I will be going from my mission back to school so, I'd like to get some funds to get me back on my feet. 

*Flight: $200

*June Rent: $465

July Rent: $465

*Necessities (Hair care, First-Aid, Feminine Products, etc): $80

Camping Supplies (Flash Light, Sports Cot, etc.): $240

Grocery/Food: $100/week for 8 weeks

*Week 1: $100

*Week 2: $100

Week 3: $100

Week 4: $100

Week 5: $100

Week 6: $100

Week 7: $100

Week 8: $100

Technology Incidentals: $500

Back to School Supplies: $200

Those marked with an * are expenses that have generously been covered.

Ramon Avila
Many blessings and good luck. Thanks for your efforts to protect the unborn. May God bless you!

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