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Hi Friends and Family,

I am participating in the Song Cycle Fundraiser for Vox Femina – a wonderful women’s chorus on whose board I sit. Vox not only enriches our lives with incredibly beautiful music, but also contributes to the future of music by commissioning new choral works from female composers. As part of this fundraiser, I have pledged to walk 5 miles a day between April 21st and May 5th, all while adhering to the social distancing rules in place. I sincerely appreciate your support for this fundraiser.

I hope you will support Vox by hitting “Give Now” on the upper right. You can give with any major credit card, and it takes only 30 seconds. Music is so very important right now, as we shelter in place.

Thanks for joining me in helping to make beautiful music!

Mary Beth

Rick West
Go, MB and Vox!
Mary and Perry
You go, girl! Did you forget to look at the weather forecast?
Ben West $50.00
Anne Fox $50.00
Laura & Gary Cooper $100.00
Pam Holmes $100.00
Loretta $50.00
FIVE miles a day? Go Mary Beth! And for a good cause!
Judie Carson
Keep up the good work. Judie
Amy West
Go Mom!!
Anne Litchfield
You're walking for a great cause, MB.
Sue Stsmberger
Very glad you joined the Board!! Sue

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