Rhonda's Song Cycle V

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Dear Friends,

I hope you are reconnecting with life in your home during our sequester! I am learning to teach voice on zoom, gardening (a lot) and exploring my neighborhood on foot. ( 7-8000 steps 3 times a week!)

As you know music, especially singing is my passion. Singing with the amazing women of Vox allows me to connect and share profound musical experiences. Concerts have been cancelled and benefits rescheduled so we have an opportunity to make up the shortfall on this Giving Tuesday! Can you help us with a gift?

Small or large all will help!



Anonymous $100.00
Tom Fink $30.00
Nancy Johnson
In honor of Rhonda, my inspiration for singing and living life with gusto from her little sister, a 1st alto in the Twin Cities Women's Choir.

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