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Hi Friends and Family,

As many of you know, I am very involved in VOX Femina Los Angeles, a wonderful 40-women chorus with a superlative sound, an ensemble that one critic calls "a chorus unlike any other". Their repertoire ranges from medieval to contemporary, and is sung in many languages. Over 24 years, VOX has collaborated with 40 composers on over 50 commissions.

Singers, board and staff are all coming together to raise money for VOX's Song Cycle V fundraiser between now and May 5th to offset the revenues we lost when we had to cancel two concerts and two major fundraisers this spring.

I need your help with a donation of any size. We are all choosing our way -- walk, run, use our treadmills -- to complete 10,000 steps between today and May 5.

# You can donate now and by hitting “GIVE NOW” on the upper right of my page.

# You can use any major credit card and it takes only 30 seconds.

I appreciate it so very much!


Nancy Stamberger
If I had it, I'd give you a million $$ ~ I LOVE the VOX Femina Happy Holidays greetings!! Thank you!
Carolyn Williams
Keep up the great work
Anonymous $50.00
Rick Stamberger
Jan & Henry Osborn $100.00
Suzy B
Thanks for being the wonderful board chair of this amazing group, Sue. Helping you get a little closer to your goal!
Lauren Schellenbach
Thanks for all your generosity and work you do for Vox!!
Donna Burroughs
Good luck meeting your goal, my friend!
Peggy Pardee
Glad to help. Hope you make your goal .
Edwina J. Dunlap
Hi Sue, hope you are doing good during this unbelievable time in our lives. I am happy to make a donation to your Vox Femina Los Angeles group, as I know how much this means to you. I do wish I could give more, but I hope that this amount will help you in reaching your goal. Love to you and Alma.
The old folks..
Wish we could do more.... I'm on furlough...much love....
Shirley Fredricks
Sending you love and support for Vox Femina and the outstanding work that you do!
Hartnesses $50.00
Trey and Cori Sieger
So happy to support an organization near and dear to you!
Anonymous $100.00
Alma Guzman
Thank you for that you do for VOX Femina !
Fione Fein $750.00
Michael Hughes
To a wonderful Board President - and the most deserving organization!

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