Most of you with a heart for Nicaragua are aware of the very serious crisis there.

The government’s severe oppression and violence against the Nicaraguan people are causing serious hardships for the people. Several of our partnered pastors have already come to us pleading for help for food and other basic necessities for their people due to shortages and massive unemployment, all due to the crisis. And it's getting worse by the day.

You have been willing to go; you have been willing to give! Now, our brothers and sisters in Nicaragua need our support more than ever.

Families are hurting. They need our help.

Please give today so we can get help to the people immediately.

Thank you.

Our plan is to buy tons of beans, rice, oil and salt, the most basic requirements, and distribute it throughout all of our partnered churches.

$30.00 will provide proper nutrition for a family for a month

$90.00 will provide for four families

$500.00 will provide for 17 families

$1,000.00 will help nearly 35 families for a month

Please Help! People are literally Going Hungry. Give TODAY!

Anonymous $1,000.00
Marcia Botts
Please tell our translators and the churches in Citi Laps and Los Sanchez We love them and have been praying for Nicaragua
Doug and Sandra Dutton $2,000.00
First Baptist Church of Eupora $1,700.00
Mt. Zion Baptist Church $4,330.00
Joy F Power $200.00
Anonymous $10,000.00
Native Design & Restoration $2,500.00
Shane and Tracie Woidtke $500.00
Anonymous $50.00
Jeff and Tiffany Coughlin
Donation for Nicaragua. God bless you for what you're doing there. We pray God multiplies this small donation.
Anonymous $5,000.00
Callie Duncan
Anonymous $100.00
Anonymous $100.00
434coffee $100.00
Love you guys. Thankful for your ministry.
Tami s kittrell $250.00
Praying for brothers and sisters in Nicaragua, for God's protection, for the government, for the miracle.
Joy $60.00
Peggy Buchanan $250.00
Anonymous $30.00
Paul Russell aka Santa
Praying for peace and Spiritual Awakening
Ruth GEIGER $500.00
Norma Cuthell $100.00
Kelly murchison $500.00
Anonymous $50.00
Tim Greer $250.00
Anonymous $30.00
Keven Bowdle $1,000.00
Marion Bewley $100.00
Anonymous $250.00
Anonymous $30.00
Gary and Kim Kirkland $250.00
Scott & Tracy Adams
Have been on a couple of mission trips with you guys in Nicaragua. Appreciate what you do.
lyn blaylock $100.00
Sandy H
Sorry I can't give more, but I hope this helps a bit!
Anonymous $95.00
Sandi King $100.00
Thomas Thompson
Please check on Scarleth and Evelin if possible!
julie huntington
Thank you for being the hands and feet of Christ to the people of Nicaragua.
Adam W Davies $100.00
Don & Janet Baker
Garland, please call me (509) 788-1663
Garland, please call me (509) 788-1663
Anonymous $250.00
Anonymous $250.00
With persistent prayer for the Saints that are suffering, the ones they are ministering to, the leaders and those working for change. Most of all, will be praying for God to be glorified thru it all. Aaron's heart sure was heavy with longing to be there again with you all this year! Keep the updates and prayer request coming. Dawn and Ron Thompson
David and I are praying for those in Nicaragua. In Christ.
Duane & Amy Counts
Ashleigh H. $30.00
For the precious people of Nicaragua I’m praying for the peace and protection which only our sovereign and powerful Lord Jesus Christ can give.
Anonymous $50.00
Scott Vaughn $1,000.00
Stephanie Garner
Standing in the gap for the children and families in Nicaragua. Praying for peace!!
Mirinda Hall
Praying for this situation. Been seeing the pictures online and wondering what was going on.

July 2, 2018 11:57 AM

We serve a Big God. HE is feeding HIS needy people in Nicaragua through you and PIC, right now. 

Over $30,000.00 collected so far and several thousand more committed. 

Thank you for your faithfulness

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