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This page was created in support of Sumatran Wildlife Sanctuary - Click here to join this cause


t is my life's dream to be a founding member of this project. As a photographer, I feel like this is where it all comes together. All my years of hard work, education, fine art, nature photography, love for animals, passion, public speaking, dreams to give back... it all merges....and I can make a difference. There isn't a cause that is more precious to my heart.

Back in 2004, I visited Borneo with two friends, Holly and Emma. I was overwhelmed seeing my first orangutan in the wild, it was simply beautiful. Such huge, powerful animals with such a since of peace and curiosity in their eyes. My camera hid my tears as I photographed them.

I was devastated at all the palm oil plantations and how quickly the area was being bulldozed for a tree that isn't sustainable. Holly was a brilliant writer and conversationalist that was one of my closest friends. We traveled together on three continents and lived together on a 4th, Australia. In 2013 we returned back to Indonesia to dig more, and help bring awareness to save the Orangutans through Holly's words and my images. I noticed the natural land seemed to have almost completely disappeared since our last visit as we flew over acres and acres of palm oil trees planted so uniformly. Holly was relentless, she traveled deep into the jungle, often on her own, to talk to villagers and conservation groups on what was happening and what could be done. She returned to Australia and pushed the story in news, radio, print anything she could. This was one of my last memories of Holly, she died the next year.

I want to put my everything into continuing to save these beautiful animals. I so admired Holly for what she was able to do, I want to keep fighting that fight, for me, for the orangutans and for Holly. I will never hear her giggle/laugh again, but I still feel her passion and her fight. She still inspires me.

About the Project from Danielle Da Silva, founder/CEO of Photographers without Borders

There are only two places in the world where you will find orangutans in the wild--one being Indonesia, on the islands of Sumatra and Borneo. Sumatran rainforests (orangutan and primate habitat) are being bulldozed at an alarming rate for palm oil plantations and agriculture, threatening wild populations of Sumatran orangutan and other endangered species such as Sumatran tiger and rhino.

In January, Gita Defoe and I (Danielle Da Silva) traveled to Sumatra to document the work of Orangutan Information Centre (OIC) and we quickly bonded not only with the orangutans, but with the members of this amazing team.

PWB photographer Kristi Odom has her own special connection with this project and with orangutans through her own work documenting orangutan conservation in Borneo.

Together, we have created this group as an effort to buy and conserve lands adjacent to the Gunung Leuser ecosystem so that animals (orangutan, elephants, tigers, rhino, and thousands of other species) may migrate to and from safely.

Donation gifts:

We are incredibly passionate about this project and want all of our contributors to feel like a part of the process, so we're giving you a gift based on the following increments:

$50 - Receive a personal thank you card from us!

$100 - A fine art, black and white, archival, limited edition print of your choice from Kristi Odom Orangutan Series

$220 - A soft cover 8x8 book with the Orangutan collection by Kristi Odom

$250 - Plant a tree in your name in or near the sanctuary land.

$500 - Receive a signed, limited edition, hard cover coffee table book of original images by PWB Photographer Kristi Odom.

$750 - Receive a signed, limited edition, hard cover coffee table book of original images by PWB Kristi Odom AND plant a tree in your name in or near the sanctuary land.

$5,000 - Become the owner of a virtual hectare of rainforest and be a featured guest for a week at the sanctuary once it is complete.

$10,000 - or more - Become a "Friend of the Sanctuary" where you are welcomed to be a featured guest for a week every year for up to 10 years.

For donations of $1,000 or more, your name/organization name (if provided) will be added to a plaque that will be displayed publicly at the sanctuary.

Why the need for a sanctuary?:

The Wildlife Primate Sanctuary will provide a natural environment and an opportunity for those orangutans, tigers, elephants, rhino and other species safe corridors to pass from one area to the next. Conserving lands is the most important gift we can bestow upon future generations.

The goal of this fundraiser:

We will raise $100,000 USD to purchase rainforest land and begin set-up and building arrangements for the sanctuary.

More about us:

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A good presentation
Steve & Janie Pilkerton
Bridget Eldridge $275.00
Mantas Kubilinskas
Because you are awesome!
Iryna Kruchko
Thank you, Kristi!
Anji Martin
Thanks Kristi!!!!
Ken Pak
Trillo-Fearless Strap and Fearless T-Shirt.
Anonymous $250.00
Leah Huete $350.00
Travis Alexander Hucek
So proud Kristi!
Juli Papikova
Kristi, can't wait to see the photos. You are the best!
Lionel D Madiou
mariana bucur
So happy for you!!
Mark Phillips
Good luck, Kristi!
Anonymous $100.00
Anji Martin
This is such a wonderful thing to support and we are so honored to be able to give back a little. Thanks! Anji
reza Marefat
hi cristi i'm reza the guy who you invited to the previous meeting, it's my donation, and i hope to see you soon for dinner ;)
Ken Pak $100.00
Gary Nevitt
You rock for doing this! Inspiring. :D For the Print you donated to Fearless Photographers.
This is a gift donation on behalf of Jamie McCarthy and Laura Otolski. Very best of luck! This is a most worthy goal.
Dear Old Dad
In honor of Holly and my special daughter. What a wonderful cause!
So excited for you!
Lina Yaeger
Anna Schmidt
This is fantastic, Kristi! Best wishes with this project! :)
Go Kristi!

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