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Swim With A Mission 2018

10K Swim at Newfound Lake in Bristol, NH on Saturday, July 14, 2018 to support Veterans. Learn More
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As you know, I swim in a 5K across Tampa Bay each January to support the families of the fallen Navy Seals, which is a special cause, as it really helps the dependents immediately and long range after devastating tragedy.

July 14th I am pushing my personal envelope and swimming in a 10K at Newfound Lake in NH. I am partnering with Swimming With A Mission, Inc to raise funds for veterans.

It's really a great cause considering all they have done on our behalf for this country. All veterans are truly unsung heroes who, unfortunately, go unnoticed in our society.  We live in world where the media focuses much more on overpaid actors and sports figures than the people we really should look up to.

I sincerely appreciate your support for this fundraiser Swim With A Mission 2018 and my goal. You can donate now and by hitting “Give Now” on the upper right.

You can give with any major credit card and it only takes 30 seconds. I appreciate it so very much.

Thank you for joining me!


Boston Paint Company, Inc. $200.00
The Kallenbergs
Good luck EJ!
Carl Lallenberg
Wish we were there.See you soon. Carl and Eileen
Good luck!
Commodore Builders $500.00
Carole Winslow
Good luck!
Mike Grenier $250.00
Bob Montagna
This is a great cause, your a good man E J - Good Luck!
Good Luck !
Absolute Environmental
Hopefully the sharks will still be in Chatham! Good Luck!
Super proud of you, Dad!
Good Luck on the swim Dad!!
Great cause! Good luck - that’s a long swim!!
The McCoy’s
Big E
Good Luck!

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