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Swim With A Mission 2018

Swim Race and Festival at Newfound Lake in Bristol, NH on Saturday, July 14, 2018 to support Veterans. Learn More
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Time to kick off the 2018 Swim With A Mission! As many of you know, late last year, I had back surgery, as of March 6, I am fully cleared to get back in the Swim of things. Though this has set back my training a little, this year I will be swimming the solo 5K (3.1 miles for those who don't use the metric system)  on Saturday, July 14th on beautiful Newfound Lake in Bristol, NH.  The day is filled with family activities and a demonstration by the U.S. Navy SEALs and K-9 Teams. This year, as the distance I am swimming increases, so is my fundraising goal.  My personal fundraising goal this year is $3000.  Any and all sponsorships are greatly appreciated. All of the money raised will go to support Veterans and to charitable organizations that provide service and support for Veterans. 

The O’Connell Clan
We are so proud of the brave soldiers who have sacrificed so much for our freedom. Thank you for honoring them with this swim. Good luck.
Greczek Family
Just pretend a shark is following you, that way you have a chance to win!!!!
The Kfoury family
Go Josh!!!!
Liz and Sean Feren
Good luck!!
Gerry and Nancy Hamel
Thank you Josh! Thank you to all the veterans! The land of the free!
Good luck Josh
Melynda and Carl Bernacchi
John Gill
Kaitlyn Tomasello
Good Luck Josh!!!!! "Charity Week" continues on!
Anonymous $1,000.00
Patrick McNamara
Best of luck Josh, great cause!
Beach Farm Inn $50.00
Shawn P
Good luck my friend!
Favorite Aunt Mary Ellen
Have a great swim for a great cause Josh!
Joe Raczka $100.00
Chris, Katie, & Rose Gonyea $50.00
Best of luck Brotha’!
Boyle Family
Good luck Josh...great cause!
The Mannings
Good luck!
Cone Family
Good luck! :) Thanks for supporting such a great cause.
Walter Roberts $100.00
Lisa B. $150.00
Coleen & Baby Lynchie
Swim fast! xoxox
Steve McMahon $100.00
Andy & Trish Connolly
Swim well, Josh! Maybe we’ll see you there.
Joe Masci
Wow that’s a long swim - nicely done!
Natalie Jutras
GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!
Rick Young
Good Luck Josh!
Lola Finola
Swim wicked fast!
Joseph O. O'Connor
6/21/18. Hey Josh. Got this email, so I hope it is you. All the best on the swim. Mom & Pop
Jan & Craig
Good Luck!
The Beals Family
Swim, Josh, swim!41472023
Matt & Tilea Toy
Don't forget your floaties.
Linda Sirois $100.00
Donny and Danielle $50.00
Thanks for making a difference Josh.
The goldman
May the force be with you
The Kelly Family
Just keep swimming....Good luck Josh!!! ~Jimmy, Kelly, Kennedy & Caden
Pete Cronin
Good luck!
This is an awesome thing you do Josh. I’ll be cheering for you. Good luck reaching your goal
Mary & Paul C
Good luck!
What a worthy cause!!
Kristin L.
Inspirational, Josh!
Shayna Wright
I get the first embarrassing picture request!

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