2019 Tour de Force Memorial Ride

Yankee Stadium to Fenway Park to raise funds for those left behind Learn More

Two years ago, I was talked into joining the Tour de Force 9/11 memorial bike ride by my father and brother in law. 

I wasn't much of a cyclist at the time, but I had had the honor of representing my own police department at several funerals for fallen police officers over the years. Far too many times in my young career, I had stood in the receiving lines alongside the roadways while flag-draped caskets are led to final resting places. I had raised a gloved hand in salute to men and women who had their lives taken from them in the line of duty. I had seen the faces of wives, parents, and children as they made their way to final farewells of loved ones.

The Tour de Force ride presented itself as an opportunity to do something a bit more for those families. 

We raise money that goes DIRECTLY to those wives, parents, and children.
After I decided to ride, I was immediately accepted into what became yet another family. Veteran riders were more than happy to share wisdom and training tips, We shared laughs and good times, all while holding the reasons we had chosen to ride close to our hearts. 

This September will be my third ride. I'll be cycling from Yankee Stadium to Fenway Park alongside 300 other riders, all who have worked tirelessly to raise money they know will be handed directly to the families of our fallen brothers and sisters, and trained physically to make the hundreds of miles in a bike saddle possible. 

There are literally thousands of charities out there that we can devote our hard-earned money to. I'm asking that you consider supporting my 2019 Tour de Force Memorial ride, because it directly benefits families in their most difficult of times. 

If you can't help with a donation, I ask that you at least share the link, you never know who is able to help. 

If you'd like more information on the Tour, please check out our homepage at:


Thank you. Not just from me and the other riders of the tour- but from the families we have helped since the ride's inception in 2002. 

-Jason W. Lonecke

The J.M. Kaplan Fund $1,400.00
J & K $250.00
Rockland Shields $49,235.00
Dennis Dodrill $7,100.00
Jason Lonecke $1,650.00
Kevin Bozarth $4,995.00
yohanny pena $5,068.17
vincent krill $1,450.00
Hector Mercado $1,589.50
Mathew Krill $1,425.00
Henry Sirakovsky $7,322.16
Joseph Agosto $1,950.00
Zachary Agosto $330.00
Kenny Beyer $5,538.17
Robert Vaccarino $2,415.00
Ann Petterson $1,500.00
Kathy McGovern $1,800.00
Kevin McGovern $1,400.00
Nik Dedvukaj $1,400.00
roberto dominguez $900.00

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