2019 Tour de Force Memorial Ride

Yankee Stadium to Fenway Park to raise funds for those left behind Learn More

Hi Friends and Family, 2019 will be my 11th TOUR DE FORCE bicycle ride. From my very first ride in 2009 and that very first pedal stroke, I knew i was hooked on this ride. The friendships and memories I have from the rides are ever lasting. In 2018, 144 police officers made the ultimate sacrifice. 

When I ride, I ride for these heroes and the families they left behind.  This is why I always set my fundraising high. I have been given the honor and privilege to make 15 TOUR  DE FORCE presentations to the families of fallen officers.  I sincerely appreciate your support for this fundraiser and my goal. You can donate now and by hitting “Give Now” on the upper right.

You can give with any major credit card and it only takes 30 seconds. I appreciate it so very much.

Thank you for joining me!

Thank you for all you do!
Early Happy Anniversary! Ride safe, Proud of what you do each year! Love ya!
The Rittenberg Family Foundation $1,000.00
Earl's Cyclery & Fitness
South Burlington, VT
Scott and Julie Brown $100.00
Keep riding!
Michael A Pellegrino
Good Job Crow Dawg enjoy the ride my friend Pelle
Charles Guess
Safe Ride Crow!
Nick -Phoenix
Proud of ya dad. Keep going
Robert L Wolf
Have your back Chef!
Woodstock 50 - Roll Table
VBC Century Ride $2,000.00
Association of Former NYS State Troopers
ADK Chapter
Ronald & Myra Brooks
Port St. Lucie, FL
Connie & Bill Favreau
Good luck!
John Barry $122.00
I know you did not steal it but ride like you did
Gary Rockhill
Keep on truck in
Lori McKeen $100.00
Have a good ride!
David Jock
Great cause
Becky Boire-West
Thank you for all that you do. Have a great ride and be safe
Brew - Force
Fundraiser GH
Brew - Force
James B. O'Connor
Las Vegas, NV
Darby Cronin $525.00
Sherry Dobbs
Peru, NY
Thomas Buckley
Cadyville, NY
NYS Troopers PBA Signal 30 Fund $2,000.00
Darby Cronin $275.00
Chris LaPlante
Kern Swoboda
Lotta Rey
Harp Cash technologies
Lake Placid, NY
Darby Cronin $400.00
Shaun Walsh
Good job Crow
Robert Buell $50.00
Thanks for all you do!
Chad Taylor VBC
Go crow good cause
Tom &Juli $100.00
Gina Gilbert
Nice job Crow!
Dan and Carol Rock
Good luck Bob!
Shawn Ryan $25.00
Bob lafountain
Go bob
Roll Tide
Jeff and Tracy Carmichael $101.00
Robert Galella
Ok old friend good cause
Hickey Family
Thanks Bob for all your support. Your a good man. Keep up the good work. Thanks Hickey’s
Sean J O'HALLORAN $25.00
Darby Cronin $500.00
Association of Former NYS State Troopers
Tri State Chapter
Association of Former NYS State Troopers $200.00
Geoffrey Culkin & Jennie Furney
Clifton Park, NY
Dennis Waz
Go Get'em Bob
Jim Parker $32.00
Lotta Rey
Mike W.
Great work, Crow.
RTR $300.00
Francisco Rodriguez
Thank you for all you do Crow
Darby Cronin $400.00
High Peaks Dental
Plattsburgh, NY
Haila J Conant CPA PC
Plattsburgh, NY
Haberstro Family
Anthony Dubin $50.00
Kevin Mulverhill
Thanks for all you do. Keep up the good work and keep going. You make us very proud
Gay Cobham
Keep up the amazing work for the cause my brother... Excelsior/MRT/SORT
True North Dental
Plattsburgh, NY
Mousseau Properties
Plattsburgh, NY
Brown Funeral Home
Cadyville, NY
John Haberstro
Tonawanda, NY
Darby Cronin $500.00
George & Sherry Cronin
Have a great ride brother...
David Sheats
Go Bob!!
Dale Ritter
Ride on Chef!!!
John Barry $32.00
Darby Cronin $500.00
ADK Garda Murder Mystery Dinner $1,700.00
Nick Coffman
Crow, Enjoy the ride and stay well.
Starting up ! GH
ride like you stole it
Dave Blades
It is a good thing you do GOOD LUCK AND KEEP IT UP
Mike $10.00
Test let’s get it on raises those funds
Adirondack Garda $74,282.72
Thomas Brown $8,500.00
richard kozak $1,616.00
James McCarty jr $1,675.00
Robert Frechette $1,450.00
James Murphy $1,790.00
Kern Swoboda $2,400.00
Robert Cronin $20,384.58
Robert Light $0.00
Bruce Martin $7,020.00
Derek Juneau $1,650.69
Bob Riccardella $6,185.00
Cheryl Weiss $1,540.00
Christopher LaPlante $1,603.00
John Barry $1,505.00
wiiliam regniault $700.00
Larry Hammond $600.00
Adam Rivers $170.00
Greg Haberstro $0.00
Lisa Juneau $300.00
Scott Rivers $1,450.00
Brian Dolman $0.00
Adam Rivers $1,595.00
Dan Reilly $1,651.00
Stephen Bernacki $1,425.00
Maureen Garvey $1,300.00
Todd Garrity $1,400.00
Richard Leonard $3,000.00
william houlihan $1,760.00

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