2019 Tour de Force Memorial Ride

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Friends, family, and whoever wishes to donate,

This is my second year riding the New York Tour de Force and I will be riding in memory of Senior Deputy Frank Scofield of Volusia County Sheriff’s Office and New York Police Department Detective Luis Alvarez.

On Sunday, June 2, 2019 while riding with his best friend “Beav”, Frank was killed by vehicle that failed to stop at stop sign while Frank was going through the intersection of State Road 415 and Pioneer Trail in New Smyrna Beach, FL.

I have ridden with Frank and Beav many times and several times on this particular route. I only wish I was there that fateful day to be an extra set of eyes to help gauge the speed of the oncoming vehicle.

Frank and Beav had ridden the New York Tour de Force ride several times and over the last three years, they had been talking to me about the NYTDF ride, but finally convinced me to go on my first ride in 2017.We were unable to go due to a Hurricane bearing down on FL.

In 2018, I was able to go again and enjoyed every minute of it though the first two days were rough because of all the hills (Not many hills in FL where I normally ride!) Frank and Beav gave me encouragement before the ride and as we went along.

Now in 2019, I get to ride for the second time though this time without Frank though Beav will be with me and together we will honor Frank.

In 2005, I met Luis Alvarez at the Hazardous Device School (Bomb Squad) at Redstone Arsenal, AL. Now, I do not recall him or the other two NYPD officers, Billy Niece and Doug Anderson, talking about 9-11 or recall asking them about their experiences though I am sure we did.

Having not seen or talked to Luis since we graduated, I was saddened when I saw Luis testifying before the Congressional Committee to urge them to continue funding 9-11 survivors and the toll his heroic actions in the aftermath had on so long after the exposure. Luis had endured 69 chemo treatments from his exposure that day and the following days prior to him succumbing Saturday, June 29, 2019.

It is with extreme and humbling honor that I ride in memory of both of these great men.

Please go to the grouprev link below and donate to the NYTDF cause and go to the second link to learn more about this cause.

Thank you,




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Volusia Sheriff's Youth Foundation $1,400.00
Team Daytona $19,120.00
Samuel Royer $6,645.00
Craig Capri $1,400.00
Lissette Deschamps $4,825.00
richard Massfeller $1,450.00
Nathalie Ferreira $600.00
Marcus Dodd-o $1,400.00
Tim Webster $1,400.00
Tim Morgan $0.00
Richard Fortin $0.00
Joe Heller $1,400.00

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