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Hi Friends and Family, I am partnering with Triumph Cancer Foundation and raising money for Triumph to the Summit 2021.

This is my 5th year participating in this program. I cannot speak highly enough about this non-profit and what they bring to the community. I think we all know someone who has been diagnosed with cancer. Not only is much work needed to find cures, but following cancer treatment, survivors are often left to their own devices to figure out how to complete the healing journey. It can be daunting. Mind, body, and spirit are all affected from the point of hearing the "c" word to finishing the "treatment".

Triumph Cancer Foundation, a non-profit that offers a 12-week program specifically designed to assist survivors who have recently completed treatment by regaining strength, stamina, and confidence lost during their battle with cancer. It is offered at no cost to eligible survivors in the Sacramento metro area. It’s a one-of-a-kind program, and with our support, Triumph can continue doing what it does best - empowering cancer survivors to recapture their lives after cancer. Though a “fitness” program, they are holistic in their approach to mend mind, body, and spirit through their programs.

So this summer, my boots are made for walking the mountain trails and raising money for this outstanding program. My goal is to fund one participant through the Triumph fitness program through this fundraiser.

I sincerely appreciate your support - thank you for joining me and helping a cancer survivor to triumph! 

Thomas & Eda Diridon $245.00
Congragulations Kelley! You are a continued inspiration for all.
Tom Curtis
Go Kelley….. Good work you’re doing!
Kelley I'm glad to have a way to show support for you and other cancer warriors. I'm making this donation to honor the memory of Linda Sundberg. Linda was a fierce cancer warrior but sadly lost her battle in June 2021. Throughout Linda's cancer battle I worked alongside Linda's young daughter Brittany and this donation also honors Brittany's courageous and steadfast support of her mom. As Linda wo
Thank you for what you do. ❤️
You are a true warrior... kind heart and spirit.... So proud of you❤️
In memory of my mom
Monica $25.00
Anonymous $50.00
Eileen M Grady
Happy hiking, Kelley, and keep those fabulous photos coming!
Carla Barbetti
Thank you for caring the yellow ribbons for my two friends that are battling cancer right now they both need healing hands and healing prayers
Lynette Zezoff
Glad to help with such an inspiring organization.
Sally G
Best of luck with your hike!
Dom Arotzarena
Very Inspirational!
Jason, Brenda, Tino & Bella
Happy Birthday....happy hiking! We love you!
You make the world a better place! : ). Thank you Kelley!!! : )
Thank you for being such an inspiration. Donating in memory of my sister in law Cheryl, who died of leukemia last year. And in honor of Linda, who continues to fight metastatic breast cancer.
Keep on keeping go! xo
Dave & Nancy Dressler
You’re amazing Kelly. So happy for you doing this challenge again
You proud of you and inspired by your perseverance every day. Love you!!
Keep on climbing, keep on inspiring....
Eddie $50.00
Kathleen Miller-Lippi $50.00
Mary & Kerry $200.00

September 8, 2021 2:57 PM

We are preparing for our final summit hike this week! It's been quite a summer due to the fires throughout California, however, we are on a mission for Triumph Cancer Foundation! We have adapted and changed some of our trails, but our mission is still the same in that we are raising funds to continue to provide services to cancer survivors...and together, we triumph!

Thank you all for your support and generosity along the way. We couldn't do this without YOU!

July 23, 2021 3:12 PM

4 training hikes down, 8 to go to our final goal of reaching the summit!

With every step we take, we are working to bring Triumph Cancer Foundation to a cancer survivor in need. We build our strength, increasing either the distance or the elevation from week to week, as we raise funds to support a great cause. When hope is lost, we are here to help someone find it through Triumph Fitness - not only will it rebuild their strength, it will provide a support network that all survivor's should have during their recovery and beyond.

Thank you for supporting Triumph to the Summit!

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