Children's Zoo Expansion - Phase One

The survival of today's rare and endangered species rests in the hands of future generations. We must engage them in real experiences that are entertaining and educations in order strengthen the connection between them and animals. The children's zoo at Preview

For more than 30 years, Jim and Sherri Fouts have been successfully caring for rare and endangered species.  Over that time, they have also created more than 30 successful breeding programs for animals like snow leopards, clouded leopards, reticulated giraffes, African honey badgers, etc. 

Despite their incredible success caring for the rare and endangered species, Jim and Sherri knew that to have a lasting impact they would have to do more. They would have to strengthen the connection between people and animals, so that future generations would continue to care.  However, they understood that simply "seeing" animals at a zoo wouldn't be enough.  To truly strengthen the connection they have to provide real experiences that are entertaining and education in order to strengthen the connection between people and animals.  

That is why the Species Survival Fund is helping Tanganyika Wildlife Park with the first phase of their new children's zoo, which will include new and enhanced exhibits for an American albino alligator, African jackass penguins (that's their real common name), Asian small-clawed otters, and a stingray touch tank. The new exhibit will enclose the entire penguin area so they are no longer exposed to the dangers of bird flu and malaria from mosquito. In addition, it will allow the public to walk through the new exhibit on a slightly raised platform so they can be in with the penguins with supervision. The new exhibit will also include a much larger exhibit for the American alligator Luna. Luna is one of the last albino alligators to be born in the US since hurricane Katrina. There are only approximately 40 of them in the world!

Finally, the new large enclosure would include a stingray touch tank area. Next to the large new enclosure for the animal above, we would build a new Asian small-clawed otter exhibit. The new exhibit would include a large pool with an acrylic slide for kids to slide through. In addition, it would have an outdoor river/slide for the otters. These fun and amazing animals will be a spectacular edition to our interactive facility.

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