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Hi everyone,

I am reaching out on behalf of my wonderful choir in LA!

Vox Femina believes in hearing, validating, and lifting the voices of women all over the world.

During our rehearsals on Tuesday evenings in Koreatown, we rehearse, connect, and build community through our voices.

During COVID-19, we have made our rehearsals virtual through Zoom, meeting weekly over our screens. With the help of our amazing conductor and accompanist, we have been able to read and learn music, review text and meaning, and share real, honest truths with one another. We are preparing for our live concerts, which we can't wait to share with you once the pandemic is over.

For this year's Vox Song Cycle, I am committing to writing one Medium blog post a week in April and May on topics such as affirmations for a positive mindset, patience, routines and neuroplasticity, the power of silence, and much more.


Thank you for considering donating to my choir!


Love you and your articles!
Keep singing, sis <3
Sue Stamberger
Thanks for helping to support VOX! Sue
PP $10.00
C Neiderlander
This is awesome!

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