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Christmas is almost here, but it is not too late to add one more gift to your holiday gift listthe gift of Christian education!

In 2018 we saw that many families desiring Christian education for their children had legitimate, verifiable financial needs. As a result, Crossroads Christian Schools (CCS) supported as many families as possible with Tuition Assistance so their children could benefit from outstanding, Christ-centered education. This meant providing more tuition assistance to learners and families than was budgeted. 

In addition, tuition does not cover all the expenses it takes to provide our learners with a first-class education. That's why we are humbly asking you please consider adding CCS’s children and families to your list.

This season, you make an impact on the CCS community by providing: 

1. Tuition assistance for a family who is in a season of challenge

2. Technology to help young people learn productively and effectively

3. General support to continue to provide our students with outstanding teachers and programs

With your help we can continue to demonstrate our school’s mission to educate and lead families to a passionate commitment to Christ.

Please let us know in the "comments" section where we can direct your gift.

Peter McGowen
gala sponsorship
Erin Beverly
Arthur Zeng
Ethan Zeng ‘s gift
Daniela Pacciardi $200.00
Donna LaCaze $100.00
Erin Beverly

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