Endurance Ride 2017

Biking to support Emmaus Ministries in their work to help men tae their lives back from survival prostitution. Learn More
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Dear friends and family - It's great to be writing you again in advance of Emmaus Ministries' Endurance Ride, an all-day biking fund-raiser to support their outreach to men engaged in survival prostitution. This year, for the first time, Emmaus will partner with Selah Freedom, whichworks with teen prevention, outreach, and safe housing for women who have been trafficked.

I've been volunteering at the Emmaus office this year, helping with administrative projects. Great news just came from the board with the announcement of a new executive director: Noah Adair assumed that role last Monday, and he comes well qualified and well acquainted with Emmaus, having begun his affiliation with Emmaus in 2008 as an intern. The Monarch Thrift Store, another part of Emmaus' outreach, which has been open in Logan Square about 18 months, is doing well. And Emmaus staff and volunteers continue to love and befriend men on the streetsevery night of the year.

I was away for a family event and missed the ride last year, and am excited now to be getting my bike and body ready for the ride on Saturday, June 10th. My biking goal will be 100 miles again, and I've had some great training rides so far this spring. The overall fundraising goal is $70,000. I've set a personal goal of raising $1500 - will you consider a gift to help me meet that?

If so, please go to enduranceride.org, scroll down and click on "Contribute online through someone's personal fundraising page," under "Sponsor a Rider." Then just type in "Judi," and it will auto-fill to my page. When you get there, click on Give Now for a quick credit-card transaction. Let me know if you can't reach the page.

Thanks so much for your thoughtfulness about this. I think this will be my 11th ride of the 14 years Emmaus has hosted the Endurance Ride. It's as satisfying to me now as it was more than 10 years ago. Bless you for your generosity and grace in giving.

Warmly - Judi

P.S. If you want to know more about Emmaus, go to streets.org. And watch the fun video on the Endurance Ride site!

David Henry $120.00
Linda Ehlers $100.00
David and Kathy Neely $150.00
Paul and Allison Harris
Go Judi!!!
jim and marge
Have a great ride!
Dee Dee and Karl
Good luck Judi!!
Becky Jones
Go Judi!
Kathy Neely
Bill and Jan
Nice Ask!
John and Nina Hochevar $50.00
Best wishes a great ride on June 10!
Tim and Norma High
Hope all goes well!
Marlene & Phil
You go girl!
Sandra Reed
We're so proud of you, Judi & happy to support you & Emmaus through the Endurance Ride! Much love, Sandy & Larry Reed
Kelly $100.00
Susan Schaefer
I continue to honor your generous spirit, Judi. Thank you for using your physical strength for such a good cause.
Dave Henry $50.00
Chris and Elizabeth
Wishing you strength and joy as you run.
Steve and Susan Roy
Thanks for doing this!
Mark and Linda Ehlers
Judi Zink- Endurance Ride

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